How to Order


Ordering products:

1. Select the products you wish to purchase and create a shopping list.

2. Check the shopping list and click on "Proceed to checkout"

3. Order as a guest (pre-registration is not mandatory)

4. Fill out the contact information form.

5. Fill out the delivery information.

6. Select the delivery method, either Itella SmartPOST (2.5€) or Eesti Post (parcel sent to post office, 3.2€)

7. The payment methods you can choose from are:




   Bank transfer from other bank

8. Confirm your order and proceed to finish the payment.

After ordering:

1. You will automatically receive an e-mail which includes the bill from which you can find the list of item(s) purchased aswell as their cost.

2. Your order will be checked after your purchase and the item(s) will be sent out for delivery within 1 - 3 weekdays.

When choosing "Bank transfer from other bank" as the payment method, you will receive an e-mail with the invoice which you will use to pay for the purchase.

After completing the payment, the item(s) will be sent out for delivery within 1 - 3 weekdays.

NB! When ordering product(s), please take into account the time necessary to send out the product(s) aswell as the time it takes for the product(s) to reach its destination.

Every product that is on display is in stock and ready to be sent out. If there happens to be a mistake regarding product(s) that are not in stock, you will be contacted as soon as possible

in order to find a solution.

Your package hasn't arrived?

Send us an e-mail with the number of your order and we will check it for the possibility of an error.